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Since weeks you are not able to keep your mind off your upcoming wedding planning? You´ve more than likely found a new obsession with Instagram & Co? You are daydreaming and having your perfect wedding day visions in sight? But where to start planning? And how to know which theme reflects your personalities, which colours will be the colours to have in the coming season and which flowers are suited the best for you? Kiss from Fleur will help you out with all these issues….

I truly believe that your wedding will be unique! Enjoy the day you wish for the last month and only pay attention to saying „Yes“ when the key moment will come. For everything else, I will be there to help.

For that reason, I like to offer you here, different style and design concepts, you can choose from, which vary from the size of your event or the desired amount of assistance of planning and design you are looking for.

Available on request, I would love to tailor you a package to suit your individual requirements.


I would also be more than happy to send you more detailed information about my offerings.

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Planning a full wedding is an unique experience. But what can start out being „wonderful “ can quickly turn out to be very stressful, when it means to coordinate your own endless details, intricate decoration and getting several vendors synchronised. Kiss from Fleur customizes a design concept that specifically suits your style & budget and assists you from the first vision to realisation.

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You mastered the art of planning but you are searching for inspiration? Leave it to Kiss from Fleur and let us guide you through your concept planning and realisation of your own bespoke wedding design, which we had previously developed according to suit to your personalities and planned budget.

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Every wedding should rock individuality and flair. As well or perhaps especially- if you will be among yourselves. Kiss from Fleur knows all the fine details which are making the difference of an intimate wedding.

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You have the know-how to plan and organise events, but you need assistance in the creative departement for an eye catcher at your repection? Or maybe an unforgetable highlight at your tablescape? Maybe also one-of-a-kind styling at your ceremony? Kiss from Fleur has you covered. Here you can get the creative support to design stunning reception tables, a jaw-dropping ceremony backdrop or an exquisite dessert bar!

floral wedding design


You are planning an engagement of a very special kind? Also a proposal can be an unforgetable moment and requires special planning and organisation. Classical or extraordinary, modest or stylish- your proposal remains our little secret, so that there can be only one answer at the end…

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I love weddings and everything that belong to them, but there are also many other lovely occaisions to celebrate! Whether tiny or big events or photo shootings, I apply my love and attention to detail in every event I am a part of.
From baby showers, delicious dessert tables to full dinner parties, from birthday events to bachlorette parties, it does not really matter what it is, my ideas and visions are growing with your inquiries!

I hope you fell in love with the philosophy of Kiss from Fleur and have found with me your source of inspiration for your upcoming wedding or your next event!

After you have sent me your message, I will get back to you within the next hours.

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The time after the proposal is certainly one of the most emotional in life. And for that, most of my couples are overflown with hopeful excitement, full of anticipation and thrilling tension for their own wedding boutique events!

Some of them already thought about their visions. Besides others have developed clear ideas. And then again others, do not yet know exactly when, how and where the wedding should take place.

However, what all the couples have in common is their great desire of an unique wedding which is capturing the beauty of their own story. For all those couples, with great desire in their hearts and heads full of questions, Wedding Designer Anna of Kiss from Fleur, is the perfect partner!

To clarify any uncertainties in advance, I have collected here the frequently asked questions:


What does wedding or boutique event design mean?

By perfectly balanced wedding design, Kiss from Fleur gives your boutique event wedding the individuality and personality you are looking for. My work combines the right topic with its suitable colour-scheme and its desired mood in order to make this day unforgettable for you and your guests.

My greatest passion belongs a boutique event, which provides that certain something by exquisite detailing, particular refinements and emotional moments.

With great attention to detail and sensitivity about your expectation, I am drawing inspiration from your style to create a complete perfectly balanced visual design concept for your boutique event. This is offering you from bridal dress to accessoires, from decorative design of premises and tablecape to floristry, stationary and cake design, everything from a single source. To sum up, here you can rely on my network out of handpicked suppliers.


Can we also book you for the styling of individual design elements?

You are creative in yourself and you only want to give single parts into professional hands? No worries! Kiss from Fleur offers different styling packages from which you can choose from depending upon your requests. There you can find also smaller, less extensive design options or special services like for example the set up of a dessert table. From a detailed master plan to a organisation of a intimate wedding or the realisation of selected highlights. You decide to what extent I can support you in the planning or styling of your boutique event.


Can we book you for our destination wedding?

Sure! I love weddings in Germany and but also I love to travel! My insider tip for all destination brides is Greece! Whether an incomparable beach wedding, an unconventional country wedding or a romantic winter ceremony in the mountains. Greece will surprise and inspire you. At the latest when the magical light of the rosegolden sunset falls down on the pure white houses and the unaffected nature, you will understand, why I specialised myself on greek destination weddings….


What about the wedding planning timetable for our boutique event?

Most of my couples can hardly imagine initally what to expect until making their vows.

Therefore, I would recommend, according to possibility, to start with your boutique event planning 12 months ahead. Right now would be a perfect time for a first meeting with the wedding designer of your choice!

As well, venue visits and fixed bookings should not be delayed. Especially very popular locations are most often booked up one year in advance! And it is important to think about financial terms to customize your wedding planning and help your vendors to orientate themselves. So you can start to brainstorm about your boutique event, make notes of specific ideas and to think about topics and colours.

Based on your requirements, I then visualise moodboards for your boutique event, which will help you and all participants to turn your wishes into reality. Afterwards, 8-12 months ahead your wedding date, I will work out a detailed style and design concept for your boutique event including a cost overview. Your enthusiam provided, I will look after all organisation processes, means the sourcing and buying of all necessary details for its implementation. Of course I will be on-site on your wedding day to ensure a smooth set up styling at the location as well as the dismantling after the celebration.


When at the latest do you need our definitive booking for our boutique event?

That depends completely on the extant of preperations for your boutique event I should assist you with. To prepare a full wedding planning or a design of a boutique event, with everything what belongs to it, I would need a firm commitment 8-12 month before your wedding. For intimate weddings or mini event stylings, like dessert tables for example, short-term requests are also possible.