This seductive bridal boudoir shoot for sensually seductive brides, dazzles every groom. Why an erotic boudoir shooting is the right opening for a life-long burning love.  

A moment of desire. Pure closeness. Glowing skin, shining cheeks … the saying yes is just around the corner and the bride decorates herself for the celebration of love. The blood rushes through the veins. The tension rises and the nervousness lets the air crackle… this is exactly the moment this seductive bridal boudoir shoot. It tells a tale, rather than just documenting an event.

In this seductive bridal boudoir shoot, the photographers are the invisible observers of a scene that accompanies the bride in her most intimate moment. This drives the lust and excitement as well as ecstasy in front of and behind the camera to its peak. The results are unspeakably touching shots of a bride barefoot in her wedding dress dancing across a floor lined with roses and lolling sensually on the rose-colored velvet sofa.

Kiss me everywhere. Make me hot and marry me now. This seductive bridal boudoir shoot is the perfect inspiration for brides-to-be who dare to show their love and desire and like it seductive.   

This seductive bridal boudoir shoot, realized by Kiss from Fleur and hosted at the exclusive Athens Boutique Hotel Shila, not only serves as inspiration for a modern, unconventional look for the bride, but might inspire any couple to consider a boudoir shooting.

The images alone are so authentic and close, showing a bride who exposes herself before the camera, giving herself entirely and celebrating her body and desire. Because the photographers and stylist Kiss from Fleur have succeeded in creating a confidential atmosphere during the entire shooting, allowing a dignified distance and at the same time unbelievable closeness. 

When does a seductive bridal boudoir shoot suit you as “bride to be”? In case you are different from the others; the classic “style me pretty” wedding look bores you and you prefer to take it to the max – in love, sex and the wedding! 

Kiss from Fleur organizes the complete shoot with decoration, location and styling. Only the professionals in their field are involved. From the photographs to the make-up artist: quality, uniqueness and nothing less than perfection are the standards of the stylist Kiss from Fleur.

A touch of romance, delicate peach blossoms and sensuously floating ostrich feathers fill the room where the bride-to-be in the wafer-thin dresses of the Athens label Alexia Kirmitsi gives herself up. Full of impatience she awaits the great moment. The setting of this seductive bridal boudoir shoot in a boutique hotel is realized in French style and bears the unmistakable signature of Kiss from Fleur.

The photographers Marie Tzagaraki and George Stratigis are the bride’s Secret Observers. The camera secretly photographs through the windows, a crack in the door or past the cream-colored flower bouquets. The keyhole view is consciously created in this way. 

All decorative elements as well as the wedding cake are in the traditional, established Parisian style. The elaborate butter cream cake, decorated with flowers and rosé-colored, is a tribute to the old French art of patisserie. But different than expected, this cake is not for the guests, but for the bride. She passes the time with it until the “groom to be” rushes to her and receives her. The motto of the moment is adorned by the lettering on the cake: “Be naked when I come home”.

With this seductive bridal boudoir shoot, Kiss from Fleur once again shows her innate sense and ability to create beauty from the unexpected and contrast the conventional.

You are still thinking about whether you are brave enough to dare such a shooting, do not shy away from any compromises and want to show yourself in your full glory in front of the camera, then ask without obligation this seductive bridal boudoir at Kiss from Fleur.

Let us advise, inspire and enchant you… But above all, let us seduce you!


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