Gliding elegantly against the rubble, almost ghost-like and unreal, is the Athena SS21 bride in a new, epic bridal campaign.

You’ll catch a fleeting glance of her as she moves – skirt- trailing, sequins glittering – against the cascading veins of the towering marble walls, their textured surface glistening when the light hits. Silence is her only companion, that and the carefully constructed, ethereal gowns that she wears. Striding past in shimmering lace, a trailing overskirt and white combat boots, she is the epitome of the modern woman.

A mere hour from the bustling centre of Athens, is a marble quarry self-owned and located at Dionyssos, Attica. Recognised for generating the world-renowned “Dionyssos- Pentelicon” marble, this incredible location has also become the rather dreamlike backdrop for award-winning designer, Athena Atelier ’s SS21 Crystal Wildflowers bridal collection. 

Carefully scouted by Anna-Jill of Kiss From Fleur – the creative eye and attentive driving force behind the artistic vision for this epic bridal campaign – there’s no doubt that the marble quarry location works in true harmony with the sublime spirit of the collection.

Under the watchful, experienced eye of Anna-Jill, this awe-inspiring environment becomes the scenery – the host if you will – in which Athena Atelier ’s decadent selection of wedding gowns (brimming with embellished lace, frothy tulle, modern silhouettes and cascading skirts) come alive within. 

As the first bridal collection to be photographed inside the quarry walls – due to Anna-Jill’s explorative nature and innate understanding of the importance of location as an acclaimed wedding and bridal stylist –

it’s the serene colour palette of the marble that strikes an exquisite chord when paired with the texture-led bridal collection of the designer, whipping up a truly astonishing (and rather out-of-this-world) epic bridal campaign.

Founded in 2014 by Athena Karatzogianni, the luxury brand, Athena Atelier celebrates “anevolvingodetofemininity,body and soul” at its heart.

A careful infusion of design, art and fashion are mixed tirelessly into the label’s seams, allowing for a truly unique (and highly coveted) style to evolve – one in which brides across the world fawn over. Born and raised in Messolonghi in western Greece, Athena Karatzogianni developed a love for sartorial threads and creativity from an early age – a hint of what was to come.

Behind the lens for the editorial bridal campaign is the acclaimed photographer George Stratigis, known for his unique compositions, innate ability for capturing light at its most dream-like and contemporary edge.

Together, alongside the magical styling touch of Anna-Jill (not to mention her discerning organisational skills and stylish edge), they have created something quite extraordinary: an epic bridalcampaigntoremember. 

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Marbe Quarry, Greece



Athena Karatzogianni


Kiss from Fleur


George Stratigis


Mariflor Tzagaraki