Rhapsody of Romance

A bridal shooting in the name of love? Not exclusively. Because with this beautiful and aesthetic campaign styling as well as the shooting production, the Greek haute couture designer for wedding dresses, Eleni Kollarou, breaks new ground in terms of corporate identity. She hires Kiss from Fleur to stage her new collection for an exclusive lookbook.

Shooting and styling from one hand with the well-known elegant signature of the expert in aesthetic campaign styling. 

This shooting shows how corporate identity can be rethought when a passionate stylist, creative artist and fashion-conscious wedding expert like Kiss from Fleur stages a bridal shoot for a wedding label. Wedding Couture Branding at the highest level – with style and pure emotion for lasting uniqueness and an excellent image. 

Customers who are looking for real branding for their label, need new lookbooks or want to stage their collection can request their individual brand styling here

This aesthetic campaign styling shows how a commissioned work can be successful. It is perfect for individual customers who value the extraordinary and want to enhance their brand.

Kiss from Fleur convinces with a simple, clear staging … stringent instead of opulent. 

The Greek designer Eleni Kollarou is known for her special approach and high standards. This links her to Kiss from Fleur. Because both are striving for perfection. This symbolizes their joint project: aesthetic campaign styling. At this Wedding Shooting in the heart of Athens, the National Garden, the Wedding Stylist sets the bride in a naturally simple, clear setting with pure and minimalist details. The focus is entirely on the delicate silk fabrics of the bridal wedding dress, which flatter the silhouette of the bride. Texture and structure become visible. Nothing distracts from the main protagonists of the day. 

The handmade French lace with its unique details is given as much room to unfold as the bride. The bride blossoms into a unique beauty and transforms into a princess especially for this special occasion, giving the Wedding Couture label, the protagonist of the aesthetic campaign styling, a real sparkle. The famous Greek fashion photographer George Stratigis also made sure of this effect.

True brilliance; wafer-thin, delicate Wedding Couture dresses illuminate in their unique elegance with this aesthetic campaign styling and shooting in the National Garden of Athens. A breath of endlessness is blowing through the Greek sun.

The elegance of the moment is enhanced by a make-up that sets specific accents without overloading in excessive opulence. This approach of clear aesthetics is underlined by the chosen jewelry.

According to the motto “less is more”, the delicate, graceful hanging earrings with their small silver stars invite you to dream. The incorporated filigree rhinestones sparkle with every turn of the bride under the southern sun; the waisted lace fabric of the wedding dress floats almost weightlessly through the summery air.

This aesthetic campaign styling is only for experts in their field.

Kiss from Fleur shows that she is one of them. Because in a perfect brand styling and wedding shooting the reduction to the essentials is crucial, so that the focus is exclusively on the main protagonists, the wedding dresses.

One of the strengths of this aesthetic campaign styling by Kiss from Fleur is its ability to emphasize the special features of the wedding dresses in a natural way in an equally natural setting. The viewer’s attention is focused entirely on the low back necklines, lingering for a moment with the transparent straps, appreciating the sophistication of the embellishments, and finally getting lost in one’s own romantic fantasies.

In a nutshell: aesthetes get their money’s worth with this unique brand styling. Daydreams come true.

The complete arrangement of the brand shooting for this aesthetic campaign styling is characterized by its extraordinary aesthetics. Thanks to their high expertise and years of experience, Kiss from Fleur is able to assemble the masters of their trade in make-up, photography, props and art direction for this breathtaking shoot.

This shooting, as well as the most exquisite fabrics of the wedding dresses, is a guarantee for lovers of high quality fashion, for experts with taste, for connoisseurs of handicraft … for a very special appearance.

And thus for companies that want to develop into an international brand with their own signature and are looking for someone to organize their wedding shooting.

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National Garden, Athens, Greece



Eleni Kollarou


George Stratigis


Kiss from Fleur




Polina via Dmodels