Just pure nature. Just pure love.

The love of nature and the love between Ada, the bride, and Juan, the groom, are a perfect match at this authentic Bohemian Elopement wedding in Mykonos.

Both unique in their own way. Because at this intimate wedding for just the two of them, the essential is in the spotlight: the love between Ada and Juan in the natural look of Mykonos. This elopement is a wonderful way for the couple to individually arrange their big day and to consciously enjoy this special moment in privacy – in a typical Greek beach villa on Mykonos, their personal hotspot.

The wedding styling of this authentic Elopement wedding in Mykonos by Kiss from Fleur focuses on the essentials as well. The space for the fulfillment of the unique love in front of the perfect scenery of the Greek island is preserved. 

The styling of Kiss from Fleur picks up on the closeness to nature with decorative elements in subtle earth and sand shades, which are enhanced by isolated pink nuances, filigree dried flowers and ivory-coloured linen and silk textiles. Lightness and transcendence are reflected. This atmosphere is transferred harmoniously to the bridal couple and creates a familiar and at the same time glamorous atmosphere, which guarantees well-being and creates intimate moments at this elopement wedding in Mykonos.  This is also shown in the wedding video … a stormy affaire.

The deliberate combination of the rustic ambience of the island in combination with the noble decoration of the wedding ceremony as well as the table, integrates the unique nature of Mykonos. The sound of the waves, the sun reflections on the natural stone floor of the terrace, the clay plastering of the luxury villa in the local style create the island vibes of an authentic Bohemian Elopement wedding in Mykonos. 

Ada and Juan celebrate their love at a true Elopement wedding in Mykonos, which is characterized by lightness and naturalness. The wedding styling of Kiss from Fleur provides glamorous elegance inspired by the exclusive island flair.

Ada, the bride, is wearing typical Greek designs from the Athens labels Mairi Mparola and Atelier Zolotas. Both are couture tailors. The bridal look from Atelier Zolotas is an unusual, daring two-piece. The bridal dress by Mairi Mparola, on the other hand, is elegant and lavish. Its seamless silhouette with glittery fabric symbolizes the spirit of a wedding on the Greek islands. All outfits are symbols of perfect craftsmanship in the tradition of the everlasting Greek summer.

The authentic flair of this Bohemian Elopement wedding in Mykonos by Ada and Joan tops off the third high-fashion wedding dress by & For Love. Romance paired with minimalism and a touch of liquid silk – for the Bohemian bride who enjoys her life with joy and exhilarating lightness. The groom also convinces with high-quality naturalness. His handmade tailor-made suit by The Bloke and the Tuxedo in white by the Athenian men’s tailor Sur Mesure testify to simple elegance.

Lightness embodies the entire wedding styling of this Bohemian Elopement wedding in Mykonos, created by the wedding stylist Kiss from Fleur … from the table decoration to the staging of the wedding ceremony at the sea. 

No lavish bouquets of flowers. But rather subtle yet high-quality colour accents, such as the mirrored name plates or the impressive ceremony architecture, a combination of natural palm leafs and white bamboo trees as the supporting element of the construction.
Lightness and naturalness for this elopement wedding in Mykonos were the standards that Kiss from Fleur consistently applies.

Skilful reduction and deliberate draping of high-fashion accents creates surprising effects. Unique, for example, is the effect of the rustic white wooden tabletop with a table arrangement consisting of pastel blushes for the floral decoration to the clean menu cards or the mother-of-pearl-coloured name tags, which are reflected in the corresponding mirror card. The unique island food at this Elopement wedding in Mykonos is also provided by the naturally white paper lamps above the table, with a bridal bouquet of orchids and pampas grass at its centre.

Ada and Juan celebrate their love. They get so close during the hot couple shoots that the shimmering Greek air crackles promisingly. Familiarly they enjoy their intimate time together at their elopement wedding in Mykonos with romantic kisses in front of two special-effect backdrop styling ideas, a love heart made of pampas grass and two golden mirror columns with floral decorations. Just pure love!


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Mykonos, Greece



Kiss from Fleur


Ceremony by Rakor


Georges Liopetas


Beyond Vision Filmmaking




Studio van Hart


Ada and Juan


Georgia Xristodoulou


Giorgos Athanasiou




Mairi Mparola


& for Love by Ghost Orchid Bride


The Bloke


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