Zappeion, Athens, Greece


Aftershow Party

Ellwed Magazine

Event Design and Styling

Kiss from Fleur

Event Coordination and Planning

Sand and Lace

Floral Design

Red Box Days


Christina Vardali

Photo and Videography

George Stratigis


The Balloon Idea


The moving Spirits

Cupcakes and Sweets

Buttermilk Patisserie


DJ George Kouzas


Mix Mix Sound and Light

Neon Signs

The Letter and Co


The Party Co


I Photobooth


Saskia Troche


Neon Sign Ellwed Party



A VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine was organized by Kiss from Fleur. The highlight: The tunnel of love. An inspiration for every bridal party.


“Let’s celebrate LOVE”

All about love was the motto of the annual Bridal Expo in Athens, the largest national bridal fashion fair. On this occasion, Ellwed magazine, the leading destination wedding magazine from Greece, welcomes VIPs, bloggers and designers to the legendary after-show party on the first day of the fair. This year the VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine was done by Kiss from Fleur. A special honour!

The entire design concept of the Love Party is the perfect inspiration for bridal couples who want a spectacular wedding celebration. 

The location of the event was the historic building of the Zappeion in the heart of Athens. As a contrast to the ancient Greek façade of the building, Kiss from Fleur staged an extraordinary colour spectacle of pink, metallic and red. The highlight of this VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine was the Tunnel of Love.

As an absolute colour flash, the exclusive guests were welcomed by a huge neon heart with a custom-made pink logo lettering of Ellwed magazine, the entrance to the Tunnel of Love. In keeping line with the numerous catwalks organised by designers such as Atelier Zolotas or Mairi Mparola during the first day of the fair, the VIPs were also able to enjoy their own personal catwalk at the after-show party … walk through the Tunnel of Love.

The interior of the tunnel was particularly impressive, with trees sprayed in silver, decorated with long silver threads and surrounded by floating red, pink and silver balloons from The Balloon Idea. Everywhere rosebuds blossomed surrounded by neon signals with love letters.  

Let yourself be inspired and experience the party here almost live. Watch the video!


On the occasion of the Bridal Expo, Kiss from Fleur created a VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine. The result: a mega VIP party with a media flashlight storm. Because all VIPs posted the highlight:



The special effect: an iPhotoBooth. None of the bloggers and designers, stars and starlets alike, had to pull out their mobile phones to share this VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine with the world. Why? Because in the middle of the tunnel of love between the tinsel forest, an iPhotoBooth was hidden, which guaranteed unique shoots. And even outside, everyone felt like they were shootet on the cover of a magazine.

Because with the Cover Star photo booth, guests could pose for their personal cover photo. For the right wow effect, the entire photo booth was decorated with silver mirror foil. The guests were then able to take action themselves with colour-matched glitter strips and assume special poses while pressing the shutter release button. 


The entertainment concept of this VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine by Kiss from Fleur offers the perfect inspiration for your own bridal party.


Of course, the culinary well-being was also taken care of. The mirrored bar of The Moving Spirits was the central meeting point and a symbol that bears the signature of the VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine of Kiss from Fleur. The guests enjoyed the unmistakable cocktails decorated with individual love sayings such as “True Love” or “Be mine”, adorned with cotton candy, flowers, fruits and molecular gastronomy caviar in every respect.

The delicious sweets from Buttermilk Patisserie were in perfect harmony with the motto “Let’s celebrate LOVE”. Pink cupcakes with heart macarons and silver leaf decoration as well as brownies with pink kissing mouth and pink chocolate lips made everyone happy and provided numerous food pictures, because each one was a small work of art in itself. 

The famous DJ George Kouzas was responsible for the party vibes until deep into the morning. He juggled with the turntables, while the celebrities let the night fade away in the sign of love.

Even weeks after the aftershow party, the VIP event styling for Ellwed magazine by Kiss from Fleur was still on everyone’s lips. Greek television, newspapers as well as the insta-feeds and social channels showed the same pictures everywhere.

The Tunnel of Love was an absolute media hype, as everyone posted their best poses … and everyone enjoyed love as something unique.