Anna van Neerhave Watercastle, Germany


Concept and Styling

Kiss from Fleur


Cornelia Lietz


Boho Choco


A flat lay styling which reveals perfection by simplicity,

presence by modesty.


Lilac and White, places clear lines vs. soft form opposite to each other. Allowing their fainted colours to explode, while imperfect edges and subtle embossings leave individualism and fantasy. And so leaving space for re-invention by each bridal couple.

For the second time  I had the privilege to set the scenes. As brand stylist for the artistic flat lay styling of the comprehensive range of the successful stationery designer.

I had no difficulty to find a concept for her. Minimalist bohemian style with a hint of Kiss from Fleur and a lot of Lilac and White.


Affectionate, customised and personalised, those flat lay styling is always following the company’s philosophy.


In a subtle photoshoot, in which selected details gave the calmness and serenity of the brand a consistent framework. Authentic product shoots reflect the ideology of the londoner label. In order to soon-to-be upgraded online shop of our stationery designer.