This untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera is an unforgettable ride under the glowing Greek sun. A wedding shooting that breaks with all conventions and where the bride in the “Driver Seat” sets the style.

True to the motto “Drive your own way”, this bridal shoot is free of all clichés. Chrome instead of kitsch. PS instead of boringness. Kiss from Fleur stages the wedding of this bridal couple as a wild ride into a love affair. An untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera under the blazing Greek sun, where the bride is kidnapped by her lover on a polished chrome black motorcycle. She clings to his muscular back while he dynamically and at full speed takes the curves.  As a Rebel Bride against the rest of the world … but not without perfect shine and noble glamour. 

With the staging of this untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera Kiss from Fleur showcases what fast “forward styling” looks like. Rather than rummage through dusty drawers for wedding trends, this untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera is a wild yet elegant motorcycle ride into the future of bridal styling. 

Feathers. Delicate pearls. Pure white flowers. This untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera creates the perfect harmony between wild rebellion and pure glamorous elegance. The bride’s dresscode meets the highest standards of haute couture design. A dress by the Greek designer label Mairi Mparola. A dream of feathers, delicate pearled tulle, transparent lace, which not only provides a lot of legroom but also deep insights.

The groom in his tailor-made suit from Sur Mesure cools off on a wild ride on his bike so he’s ready for his hot bride. For a bad girl make-up, the bride is adorned with shrill skull diamonds by Vivienne Westwood, which are reflected in the shiny paint of the motorcycle. In this way, the bride and the groom embody their own individual look, which is not copy and paste.

A wild love affair on the Athenian Riviera against the backdrop of the Greek Aegean is the ideal combination, the magic alchemy between sex and restraint, between high-speed and taming, between skull diamonds and lace tulle. Kiss from Fleur manages to create an intimate celebration right by the sea with a view of the Poseidon temple at Sounion as the setting for a fashionable forward styling.

In an untamed and at the same time flirty romantic style, the staging is free of any conventions and breaks with tradition. The setting eludes all standards and sets new ones. Because here is a bride in the center of attention, who knows no limits… and does not need guests to be celebrated. No problem for Kiss from Fleur. Because the rustic wooden chairs are covered with an opulent floral splendor that does not leave the impression that more guests are missing… Intimacy with selected people, who sustain lifelong love. This makes even a small and untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera look truly big. Because the right styling and ambience make the difference!

An untamed Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera, full of emotions and untamed energy, staged in a completely new and pure way:

Kiss from Fleur creates a furious motorcycle ride along the coast … with high speed into love.

The result: Haute Couture Style with a rustic, clearly broken and visionary interpretation. 

The weather-beaten and aged church “Agios Nikolaos” near the Lagonissi Grand Resort – the high-end location for weddings in Greece – a salty sea breeze, blown away by the slow wind and an elegant ceremony room are the setting of this wild Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera, which could be yours.

For here intimate authentic moments between two people are created, destined for eternity and ready for the film. No storyteller, however poetic, could have found a better artistic interpretation that appeals to all senses, tickles deep emotions and at the same time touches every nerve.

Escape to Greece with your lover too and stage your own Micro Wedding on the Athenian Riviera 2021 together with Kiss from Fleur.


Agios Nikolaos Church, Athens Riviera, Greece



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