Basorexia – the desire to kiss

 LOVE meets Drama

Blazing desire and wild lust … for the first kiss of true love. With this brand styling for wedding dresses of the designer duo Kite & Butterfly, Kiss from Fleur shows its diversity: concept, planning and idea – all in one. The perfect wedding inspiration for hot brides who want to stage their wedding in a dramatic spectacle around the art of seductive red lips.

True to the motto: “red lips can kiss”.

This styling for wedding dresses stages the “Modern Metallic” look and is a new interpretation of true love. A true source of inspiration for lovers.

Lifelong love – old school? No way! Because every love is unique … and this styling is, too. If the man is to remain the eternal lover, then it all comes down to the art of seduction. With this styling for wedding dresses, Kiss from Fleur completely reinterprets the trends of wedding design: Modern Metallic instead of Boring Boho! 

We create a scenario of contrasts, because daring wins. Red lips and voluminous rosebuds meet clean industrial chic in this styling for wedding dresses. The Highlight of the scenario is the bride in elven wedding dresses from Kite & Butterfly showing more than covering. Wafer-thin fabric, playful lightness, provocative off-shoulder variations – these new wedding dresses are as unique as the arrangement itself. Classic but interpreted with a modern mind and completely different from ordinary bohemian looks.

On the occasion of the brand styling for wedding dresses of the new Kite & Butterfly collection, Kiss from Fleur manages the balancing act between dreamy familiarity and futuristic coolness. For all who are daring – in life as well as in love!

The main protagonists in the middle of the expansive industrial hall are the shabby lacquered floor, which shows traces of numerous wild party nights, and the puristically pure white, innocent-looking banquet table. But appearances are deceiving with this styling for wedding dresses – for the innocence of the arrangement is only superficial. On closer inspection, the table decoration of filigree flower plates and opulent red rosebuds captivates the observer. And they are anything but boring – because the completely silver-plated rose stems wrap the flowers in a shiny metallic corset.

Marry your LOVE(R) !

Provocative and self-determined like the acrylic layering of the curtains taken up in the acrylic hearts of the table decoration, this powerful double meets transparent menu cards that show the traces of the last night of love … blurry lip prints are the silent witnesses of hot kisses and the appeal to the lover to “kiss me now and everywhere”. No sooner said than done… Lip prints are also found everywhere on the bride’s skin, for she knows where kisses feel best for her and her lover. Glass stones and matching lipstick accents on acrylic hearts complete the table decoration without stealing the show from the main protagonists.

The bride loses her innocence when night falls. For this we put the highlights of the wedding design in a new light: Pink meets acrylic and shimmering, pastel shades compete with the neon flashy colour code of the balloon hearts.

A celebration of love that breaks with all conventions. Mainstream? Not at this party! This brand styling for wedding dresses of Kiss from Fleur is for the bride of tomorrow who lives for love and celebrates herself…





Kiss from Fleur


Kite & Butterfly


Cornelia Lietz


Lars Rueffert


Nimm Platz