Kiss awake. With a loving, blazing gaze of desire, the groom lets his eyes wander over the body of his beautiful bride on the morning of the wedding. It is the day of their Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor. The day set standards. For the rest of their lives, only the best is good enough. So the location for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion also has to be phenomenal.

The shoot that Kiss from Fleur is staging takes place in a villa that was once considered one of the most beautiful in the world, the Villa Astor.

With a view of the island of Capri and the volcano, this place is magical. It is the perfect setting for an intimate and hot tête-à-tête with Vesuvius.

Villa Astor is part of the legendary The Heritage Collection. The family-run company brings together four exceptional historic properties like the Château de Villette near Paris and the Villa Balbiano on Lake Como. The unique thing about these most exquisite historic estates is that the owners attached great importance to authentic restoration.

Thus, Villa Astor also reflects the grandeur of its time and combines the ultimate in luxury with tradition. Kiss from Fleur has selected a location for this Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor that is perfect for lovers of elegance and refinement.

A magical place for magical moments. With this Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor, Kiss from Fleur creates the perfect inspiration for all couples planning an elopement in the south under the Italian sun. 

Opulence combined with minimalism, pure elegance combined with antique pieces from the 17th and 18th centuries. This stylish harmony merges seamlessly with the bride and groom’s look. Kiss from Fleur accomplished the balance between tradition and contemporary style for the Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor.

Iris wears a purple wedding dress by Celia Kritharioti, which outlines her body in a sandglass silhouette. The groom looks dignified and yet with a clear, provocative message: I want you – right now and for the rest of my life.

The symbiosis in their look at this Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor is their commitment to an everlasting and consistently passionate lifelong love. The magic moment is captured in each shot by renowned Greek photographer Vangelis Beltzenitis, whose imagery is a blend of personal storytelling and classic editorial.

Villa, garden, volcano – these three actors, each unique, are the stylists for this wedding shooting. They transform this Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor into a must-have for couples in love who want to say yes to each other in Italy.

Located on the cliffs of the Sorrento Peninsula overlooking the bays of Naples, Villa Astor is an outstanding private residence with one of the most beautiful gardens and one of the best botanical collections in Europe.

The current owners hired French interior designer Jacques Garcia to restore the villa to its former glory. Garcia is one of the top 100 creatives in the world, an interior star. The confessed grandmaster of reduced decadence has already rejuvenated numerous renowned buildings, devoting much of his energy to his only private project: the Château du Champ de Bataille. 

Hot Tête-à-Tête:

Secret Amalfi Coast Elopement at Villa Astor

Amid these precious antiques, which tell the love stories of numerous lovers, a one-off wedding will take place. The wedding styling and decoration by Kiss from Fleur shows an exquisite and floral design that reflects the unique signature of the stylist.

The wild, exotic look of the dinner table with its overload of majestic orchid blossoms reflects the enchanted garden where numerous exotic plants spread their fragrance.

When night falls, they take off their clothes. At their Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor, the couple revels in their love and express it in a boudoir shoot. The results are erotic shots showing a bride wearing a dark red, transparent lace negligee.

The bride can look her best for her beloved, as Kiss from Fleur decorates the private bathroom with lilies. The bathtub is adorned with roses and the historic chaise lounge, nestled in colourful flowers, creates an intimate atmosphere in which the couple can indulge in their love.

A boudoir shoot reveals erotic details of the bride’s private chambers and thrills the groom to ecstasy: This secret Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor shows a confident bride who knows what and who she wants. 

The night after the Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor, those dreaming of the night of love stroll through the garden ornamented with sculptures. In its green heart is an imposing statue of Neptune on a channelled pedestal. Elsewhere, they traverse enchanting moss-covered paths and enjoy the omnipresent view of the volcano.

On the west side, an expansive sunny lawn faces the sea. It is a place for lovers, the sight of which awakens feelings without knowing why. It is a place to say yes, a place for your Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor.

Kiss from Fleur creates a unique wedding styling with this Amalfi Coast elopement at Villa Astor in Italy as an inspiration for all bridal couples who want to celebrate a luxurious and exquisite wedding in the south. 

“Where else do you have
a tête-à-tête with
Vesuvius? “



Villa Astor, Amalfi Coast, Italy



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