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Kiss from Fleur


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Ethereal Decadence

An adorable Renaissance fine art castle wedding with a touch of boudoir reveals the sense of the timeless aesthetics of wedding planner and stylist Kiss from Fleur.


A gossamer veil out of silk tulle lays hardly noticeable over her face, not able to conceal the beauty of the bride beneath.

As well as the tender, lucent dress, which is covering just a little about her with its flowering embroideries.

Her fragility appears to be transferable. Everything around her seems to be transient. Faded, monochrome colours and a fragile, filigree cake are making the transformation visible. Just like the once so gleaming roses drop petal for petal. And so the cake looses layer for layer its strength and volume.


Graceful stationery, translucent silks and ethereal veils are the featherweight carriers of effortless romantic. Modern interpreted as a fine art castle wedding by the great love between Romeo and Juliet as the poetic stationery from Shakespeares eras reveals.

A touch of boudoir can not be gainsaid, that delicate fabrics and messy upstyle hair allures. So Imperceptiable, almost weightlessly, the sylphlike bride is floating towardsher destiny.

Carried by raw romanticism and drifted by beautiful halo.


An adorable fine art castle wedding inspiration in Renaissance style by Düsseldorf, so dreamy and yet fashionable, was featured on international magazines as Vogue UK and on top fine art weddings blog Amber and Muse.

I would love to design your unique fine art castle wedding for you. Send me a kiss for getting to get in touch!