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A couple’s wedding boudoir shoot by Kiss from Fleur is the perfect way to capture the intimacy and love that you share for one another.

We all know that the wedding day will pass in a blur, where you’ll spend the day ticking off traditions, catching up with relatives and spending time with your favourite people – but what about just the two of you? An alluring couple’s wedding boudoir shoot in Greece, France or Italy offers you the chance to savour the lead-up to your special day or begin your honeymoon in the most romantic way.


Where two souls entwine and we capture the knotting of your hearts as one…


We’re bringing you this indulgent and dreamy wedding boudoir shoot in the Penthouse Suite at Mona, a boutique hotel in the heart of Athens. Embracing the building’s original 1950s architecture, the team have worked passionately to create a multi-disciplinary space with a majestic marble façade, a bold iron staircase, 20 charming bedrooms, a stylish café lounge and bar, along with a speakeasy basement venue. It’s located in Psirri, a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood, offering the perfect place to capture the intoxicating magic that you share with one another. 

Remember, your dreamy wedding boudoir shoot can take place anywhere that feels like home to you as a couple, as long as it connects with your love story. If you’re planning a destination wedding in a far-flung location, you can make the most of any planning visits pre-wedding day by booking in your shoot. Or if you want to use it as an opportunity for a newlywed gift, you can get in the mood for your honeymoon with a wedding boudoir shoot that reflects you both, including the intimate moments that are impossible to capture at your celebration. 


Our wedding boudoir shoots endeavour to document the language and unspoken knowingness that is shared between two lovers.


Its’ an indescribably exquisite bond that feels wildly new yet beautifully nostalgic, transcending beyond words or action. Whether you had a fateful encounter followed by a whirlwind romance, or you’ve been childhood sweethearts for years, we’ll listen to your story to create a wedding boudoir shoot in Greece (or anywhere your heart desires). Something that can be savoured forever, forging your path into married life. 

At Kiss from Fleur, we specialise in creating beautiful wedding boudoir shoots in Greece and beyond, entwining your first date, where you met and what you adore about each other into your boudoir story. It is always incredibly special for each couple to experience, with the photography sessions designed to capture your never-ending love for one another so that it can be cherished long after your wedding day is over.

Our Intimate Event Styling & Boudoir Shoots delivers sophistication, creativity and the chance to make your love story centre stage – before or after your wedding day, the choice is yours. The service includes Concept, Design, Vendor Search and Briefing, with the option of photographs and videography teasers. You’ll have our expertise and art direction for the duration of your shoot, with a package that is unique to every couple, where we are inspired by your visions and everything that makes you as in love as you are.

We want to capture you in an atmosphere that belongs to you and you alone, where you’re wearing the hottest lingerie imaginable to entice the love of your life and utterly allure your groom. Teasing him before the wedding day and enticing him into sharing forever with you. Your pre-wedding details will be worked into every element of your boudoir shoot, from your floral décor to handwritten love notes, allowing your senses to delve deeper and deeper into adoration. From a bath filled with sumptuous red roses to a loved-up couple between crisp, white sheets, we wanted to use this boudoir shoot to showcase the creativity opportunities that Kiss from Fleur can orchestrate for you.

Our wedding boudoir shoot at Mona in Athens embraced the industrial feel of the venue, with its weathered walls, exposed pipes and its modern edge. Using statement florals, we worked in a feminine touch to complement the rustic-industrial elements, featuring roses in varying delectable shades of nude and muted tones. Fabrics, from the silk ribbon that was wrapped around the bouquet to the bride’s dress, softened the overall look of the shoot, bringing a redefined romance to the scene.

And if this shoot isn’t enough to entice you, we suggest you immerse yourself in the seduction of our recent boudoir story at Shila, where the tension rises, the air crackles and there is an undeniable desire. You be swept up in lust, excitement and anticipation…

If you’d like to find out more about wedding boudoir shoot in Greece, please enquire with a member of our team here.


Bridal Boudoir Shoot in Mona Hotel Athens
Groom Boudoir Wedding in Greece

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