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Why you should join Alchimeia Wedding Workshop 2021

The New Start with ALCHIMEIA Wedding Workshop

Alchimeia – The first curated Destination Portfolio Building retreat with Kiss from Fleur and Ellwed

Ellwed Magazine was built upon key values. Community, growth, education and creative freedom are some of the most important values for the Boutique Destination Magazine for weddings in Greece. Now we are over the moon to partner up with signature wedding stylist Anna-Jill of Kiss from Fleur to create something truly magical! We really believe that ALCHIMEIA, the ultimate portfolio building workshop, will help you evolve and elevate your brand, while you grow and rejuvenate amongst the like-minded creatives.

The new trends are proving to be the open space weddings an elopements.  And Greece is absolutely perfect to offer this to destination jet setting couples. Effortlessly ethereal elopement love story will be our focus point. Don’t miss out and capture this romantic fashion-led love story under the starlight sky of secret Peloponnese with us! Be the first to own this real ethereal romance.




So, what is Alchimeia?

Take our words for it, this project will be something different. We are mostly looking forward to the last day shoot. Our “Pièce de résistance” shoot, which will be premiered specially designed for this occasion! With this shoot you will find your own way and style, with new visual stimulations designed to change your mind and open your heart. 

We want to inspire you with new ideas. Turn your base to gold which is the essence of Alchimeia Wedding Workshop.

We designed Alchimeia for you to revive and enhance your brand as well as inspire your artistic approach. Further to refresh your mindset and get a different perception of wedding events and creative projects you will undertake in the future.

Alchimeia Wedding Workshop is designed for photographers and cinematographers who love the world of weddings, romance, high-end fashion and bespoke Greece.

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A few words from my side why you should join Alchimeia Wedding Workshop in 20201

“Coming from fashion background I developed a keen eye for discovering raw and unique luxuries. Maybe that is why I fell in love with Greece the first time I came here many years ago. 

Greece has so much potential to offer and I am simply in love with all the beautiful luxurious undiscovered locations like our Dexamenes seaside resort, which will be hosting us for this workshop. 

But what I love the most is the people who have the good heart and passion for creating something truly amazing. All this and more can be found in Greece and that is what I based my whole life and work upon. 

With ALCHIMEIA Wedding Workshop I want to create something that is truly unique with the best vendors in this industry worldwide. I want to mix the worlds of fashion with bridal, destination with local, luxury with relaxed to create a new start for all of us!

So many photographers ask me for a styled shoot and now is the chance to accommodate everyone’s wishes.  But ALCHIMEIA Wedding Workshop is not just a styled shoot or just another workshop.

I want to offer my knowledge and show everyone how to capture true raw emotions to build a story which they can later use to grow their brands and attract their target clients.

Times are changing and so should we. This crisis has affected us all. But I believe this is the time to reflect upon our own businesses, and think for new beginnings, new steps and new actions to take!

We were now cocooning at home and some of you probably took the time to start new projects already.  The whole world is renewing and we want you to do the same. Change like a butterfly, grow and build a new portfolio for a new start.

We choose the word ALCHIMEIA because it represents exactly this!  It is the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.

As with alchemy, turn your base into gold, find your own universal elixir to elevate your brand!

Press reset, rebrand or elevate your brand. This is the time for a new beginning, the new you which will attract the new bride or your new target client. From my previous work, you can see the attention to detail and attention to the cohesive, always romantic, story.

My heart is in my mind and I choose to work with professionals who pour their heart and soul into their work and this is what I want to share with you at ALCHIMEIA! 

If you like my style, you should follow us to Dexamenes.”

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