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You are saying YES to your one and only. To a unique person!

So why not say YES to a uniquely spectacular, stylish, luxurious and glamorous wedding venue on Mykonos Island?
Mykonos is an island that guarantees perfect Instagram shots. Because Mykonos is cosmopolitan! No destination wedding location attracts so many wedding enthusiasts around the world. The TOP 1 Insta-Spot! It’s a place that combines many facets – for every desire: from luxurious and extravagant to a relaxed atmosphere – but above all very much influenced by the bohemian lifestyle and the famous as well as iconic beach clubs in the various small bays with its exquisite, luxury private resorts.


Mykonos is famous for its elegant and at the same time traditional style. A perfect mix between jet-set ambience and local flair. Mykonos has benefited from many celebrity guests. This is likewise where the reputation as a wedding venue comes from. The celebrity status of the wild 60s and 70s still attracts Jetsetters from all over the world to the island.

The balance of sophisticated extravagance and natural atmosphere makes the island of a thousand winds the perfect place to get married. Whether you want to go barefoot to your wedding location on the beach or celebrate an exclusive and fashionably fancy party in high heels in a private villa – this guide shows you my top stylish wedding locations in Mykonos.

As a passionate wedding stylist, I have been organizing extraordinary weddings in spectacular locations for several years.

My name is Anna-Jill. I show you my top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos. Follow me; let’s start your wedding planning process, firstly by finding you a perfect extraordinary venue for your unique wedding in Mykonos!

“A magical moment needs a magical ambience.“



wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Cornelia Lietz

This place is definitely one of my preferences for the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos!

To my couples, as a wedding planner, I am only too happy to recommend a wedding in this beautiful beach club of the Cyclades Islands. Because this place is perfect for you if you are beach club lovers or artistic, spiritual flower children.

On the southern part of Mykonos, just a short drive from town, Scorpios is located on its own peninsula overlooking Paraga Beach. The venue is nestled between two stunning beaches that offer rare, enchanting views of the Aegean Sea. In addition, the tiered property is surrounded by the wild nature of a protected nature reserve. Altogether, this setting thus offers your guests the precious luxury of an early sunrise and daytime sunset over the southern cliffs.

The five-star beach club on the Cycladic coast is a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek agora with daybeds made of driftwood, woven lampshades and a whitewashed stone house. Reasons enough, I think, to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime, stylish sunny wedding at this gorgeous location.

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wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Kalesma Mykonos

The Mykonian region of Aleomandra, is named after the sacred Delian stables which, according to myth, provided shelter to the horses of the Olympian god Apollo. “Kālesma” means “inviting” in Greek. A word that is fully aligned with the ethos of this privately-owned, luxury boutique hotel. Because for me there is definitely no place where lovers are more welcome to celebrate their unforgettable and stylish wedding.

This Mykonian boutique hideaway is set in the hilltops of Ornos Bay in Aleomandra, an exclusive spot in the west of the island. Designed by renowned and award-winning K-Studio, THE Greek architectural firm, and interiors by Vangelis Bonios, Kālesma was primarily made from natural materials. The property blends naturally into its bucolic coastal surroundings and is also therefore one of my top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos.

For me Kālesma is the new number ONE of the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos. Why? For two reasons: First of all with its private pools, lush 25 suites and two spacious villas, and stunning sea views, it’s a place their lovers are able to enjoy the pure luxury atmosphere.

The second reason for me is the ambiance. The ambience elevates your senses: from seeing the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, smelling fresh bread baked daily… beyond the privacy in the suites and villas Kālesma epitomizes authentic Greek hospitality experienced in a traditional Cycladic village where Aegean tranquility intertwines with a “Dionysian fiesta” to create the most unforgettable wedding experience. For couples who are seeking a romantic destination wedding venue in Mykonos, there is also a lovely chapel located on site.

Kālesma is more than just a luxury boutique hotel. Kālesma is a place built like a traditional Cycladic village with the true spirit of the Mykonian hospitality. Moreover, an old Greek local novel says that when a couple marry, they make a village.

This means that they will build a home that will grow, over the years, to accommodate generation after generation of their family. Could there be a better venue to say YES I do?


wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Soho House

The Roc House is part of the prestigious Soho House family, part of one of the most legendary as well as elite members club in the world and therefore also my insider tip of the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos.

Both the lounge area and the 45-plus rooms and turquoise-blue pool on the Cycladic coast with a view of the Aegean Sea welcome lovers and their cosmopolitan jet-set wedding guests with the world-famous touches that define the distinctive Soho House ambience. An award-winning team of designers has specially provided the style elements that run throughout. The character of the house is a colorful mix of traditional and trendy.

From the outside, Soho Roc is bright white with polished plaster walls and floors. Typically Mykonian! The interior, on the other hand, is bohemian in style: rattan armchairs, hand-woven tapestries, chunky wooden consoles, jute rugs and oversized floor cushions, all in sepia-toned shades.

Private first! Adding to the uniqueness is a dedicated chapel on the premises. Here, bridal couples can say “I do” in a very private and exclusive setting.

Equally hidden and protected from paparazzi, the hotel is nestled between the beaches of Paradise and Paraga in a picturesque setting and just a short walk away from Scorpios, the hippy-trippy beach bar where good-looking crowds queue up to dance into the sunset. Private enough even for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, who are also members.


wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Cornelia Lietz

I am always on the lookout for the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos. And my surprise for you, if you want to attract attention and stand out: the famous Nammos on the beach of Psarou.

Because Nammos is made for the big show, the spectacular performance…. This location is also perfect for those who like to do some shopping. Chanel, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga…. you will find every brand you prefer in the beach’s own shopping mall “Nammos Village”. This makes Psarou beach one of the most expensive beaches in the world. The TOP ONE location for your big show – your stylish wedding in the spotlight.

Where bigger is better and more is still not enough, Nammos is the “place to be” with a hedonistic beach club scene. Escape to luxury at Nammos, the high-end of all beach clubs worldwide. This venue is known for its private deck. The bay is the place, where the very large yachts are moored, as it is the quietest on this island of winds.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of this location, which has had numerous celebrities among its guests. This place is thus perfect for couples who want to party all night long! A dream come true for glamorous Jetsetters who want to arrive at the Riva Pier with their own yacht.

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wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Mykonos Blu

It is not surprising that the Royal Blu Mansion was awarded the World Travel Award 2019 as “Greece’s leading luxury hotel villa“. Here, wedding couples will find everything that makes a luxury wedding unique. And best of all: Nammos is directly located at Psarou beach and only a few minutes’ on foot to Nammos Village.

From the living room and the spacious lounges, from the beautiful bedroom suites and the cosy furnished terraces – pure elegance and extravagance wherever your view wanders.

Blue on blue! Your wedding will take place in a venue where the sea and the sky are so blue that saying yes is like being hypnotized.

It is a blue oasis, among our most stylish wedding venues in Mykonos, where the sun is shrouded in a brilliant white every day. Regularly visited by high society, the exclusive bungalows and private villas of Mykonos Blu reflect the noble design with its cubist lines of the Cyclades.


wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Kensho Hotel

So close to the sky, the wind on your skin – that’s what the location promises. Here, every wedding becomes an unforgettable celebration at dreamlike venues directly by the sea.

The three Kenshō luxury hotels on Mykonos are spread across the island, offering a unique journey with unforgettable experiences. They are ideal for couples who don’t want to commit to one place… but want to celebrate wedding-hopping in luxury style.

One of my favorites of wedding venues in Mykonos: The Kenshō Psarou. It’s the love spot for couples who wanted to celebrate a big wedding party: a wedding venue including dinner evening and a rooftop party. It’s the love spot for couples who wanted to celebrate a big wedding party: a wedding venue including dinner evening and a rooftop party. Get married on a romantic hotspot above the golden sandy beach of PsarouSay YES under the stars and with a view of the glittering sea.

And the little cherry on top: celebrities can be spotted easily walking around from this location. The Kenshō is located right in front of the Riva Pier in Nammos and the newest of the wedding venues in Mykonos at Psarou Beach!


wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey of Santa Marina

For love couples who want to enjoy all attractions of the island while getting married, I have an insider recommendation:

the Santa Marina, the most expensive and elegant of all wedding venues in Mykonos.

The fascinating magic of this Luxury-Collection-Resort in Mykonos is the diversity of the surroundings and the location itself.

The hotel also has its own pier, which makes it popular with celebrities all over the world.

What’s more, the interior is utterly cosmopolitan: modern beach chic meets natural luxury. The Number One of all wedding venues in Mykonos for those who want to celebrate the glamorous lifestyle.

Celebrities appreciate not only the exquisite and private ambience of the Luxury-Collection-Resort but also the legendary Asian Buddha-Beach Bar. This spot at Santa Marina offers an exhilarating culinary and entertainment experience.

Throughout the summer, world-famous DJs and unique gatherings bring an exclusive take on an ever-changing spirit. Santa Marina is definately one of the most famous restaurants and wedding venues in Mykonos and the perfect place for your unforgettable wedding celebration.


wedding venues in Mykonos

Picture Alice Mahran

„Beyond just luxury. Beyond just a beach club. Principote Beyond.“

Because this wedding venue on Mykonos island is ahead of its time. This is where the standards of tomorrow are set. Couples who celebrate their wedding at The Principote want to stand out – as much as the location itself.

Because nothing compares to what I have already staged for lovers at this venue. You can expect an unique style, an ambience in which memorable events can be elevated to meaningful milestones in life. The Principote Beach Club will surpass the ordinary and transform it into precious memories that will be cherished for years to come. You just have to say YES to get married at one of the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos.

Also absolutely outstanding: the Boho High Luxury Beach Club. The mood of Principote is characterized by a luxury atmosphere and unique individual décor. An ambiance of macramé, gauzy cream-colored curtains and numerous umbrellas awaits the lovers. This already sets the mood to marry in one of the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos.

180 BAR

wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey of 180 Bar

Fabulous, breathtaking and intoxicating are the atmosphere and the drinks in this exceptional bar, the 180° Sunset Bar in Mykonos.

Without any doubt, every wedding in 180 Sunset Bar is filled to a wide brim with elegance and style. Because no one wants to miss a place as magical as the famous 180⁰ Sunset Bar located in the heart of Mykonos. As you move upwards to reach the 180⁰ Sunset bar, you will experience the true beauty of Mykonos, which you must have only heard about.

No pictures or videos can do justice to the beauty of this place. From a wedding reception to entertainment and the culinary royal treatment, as well as the perfect service for wedding guests – everything is possible at the 180 Sunset Bar … magical perfection included.

This location is definitely a must-have for my guide of the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos.


wedding venues in Mykonos

Photo Courtsey Cornelia Lietz

Last but not least! This wedding tip on my guide of the top stylish wedding venues in Mykonos is spectacular because it is one of the most iconic churches…. maybe even in the world.

The majestic, whitewashed church is breathtaking in its simplicity. Staged against a silvery sea, it offers a mood of balance and purity. Be inspired by a romance that breaks conventions.

Together we will design your unique wedding ceremony. Thus, you will say YES in one of the world’ s rarest places, in a 400 year old historic Paraportiani Church, located right on the Mykonos Chora coast. The perfect counterpart to anything over-styled or over-decorated. Consequently, you really don’t need any props or elaborate decor for your ceremony there. It needs absolutely nothing. Nothing to distract from the real, big moment: your stylish wedding in a location bleached by numerous hot sunny days and full of endless light.

I found an air of bliss in this venue while staging an intimate wedding ceremony so far and was enraptured by the serene beauty.

This church is an ancient wedding venue in Mykonos and thus for brides who like minimalist simplicity. Where time stops, where you can escape. Above all, where nature’s beauty is enough and there’s no need for anything more. Immerse yourself in the bubble of jet-set life on Instagram. This is the TOP ONE location for the perfect Instagram shoot.

“Celebrate the elegance of the island of a thousand winds.“



… comes true!




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