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Why hiring an Event Stylist on your Wedding Day


The Difference

You can think of wedding planning as the base of a wedding. Your wedding planner organizes, sources, manages, checks, controls, and trouble-shoots everything that needs to be done before. This can happen while and sometimes even after the wedding.

A wedding event stylist is much more like the make-up of your wedding. Colors, fabrics, flowers, ambience, tablescape or common thread.  Simply everything that makes you and your guests feel amazed and carried away into another world.

Hiring an event stylist with background in design will help you to match your wedding design with your personal style.


The Advantages

Engaged couples often don´t have much time to plan and organize their wedding right down to the last detail. Some of them don´t even know much about matching colors, stylish decorations or exceptional designs.

Hiring me as your event stylist will make your life so much easier. To sum up, I will create a bespoke concept to fit your personal style. Just choose a venue that you love and let me treat it like a beautiful white canvas as I begin to personalize it for you. Once I know all about your visions and wishes on how your wedding should be, I will find the perfect vendors to make them come true.

It will take all the stress off you and in the end you can be sure: ceremony and reception, flowers and tablescape, your stationery as well as your wedding dress. Everything will fit harmoniously together.



The Responsibilities

For example, bridal couples allocate responsibilities to their family members or friends just to save the money a planner/ event stylist might cost. But that also means not everyone will be able to enjoy and experience this special day to the fullest. As they have to fulfil certain tasks during the wedding day.

Hand over the full responsibility to me. As a result, I will make sure everything visual will be just the way you wanted it to be. And then you can focus on the important things: your emotions.

The Concept

With passionate creativity, artistic aesthetics and the unique appreciation for fine arts I approach every wedding concept with the aim to reflect you as a couple and to encapsulate your distinct style and character. Whether you´re having a lavish feast or an intimate elopement.

The Individualism

Just like you every wedding is different from another. That is why I focus on composing visually engaging signature style elements that mirror your personalities. Furthermore, I am a mood maker who evokes emotions. I will set the scene according to your individual visions. Let me design your bespoke wedding without forcing a ready-made style package full of non-negotiable elements upon you.

The Single Source

As a wedding event stylist with experience in design, I have the ability to understand what it takes to execute my concept. Working with a variety of vendors from which I choose, coordinate and control the ones that will be able to do the requested design.

And with those who understand my visions as well as the upcoming process to guarantee you the perfect overall look. From flowers and cake to stationery and venue decoration – you´ll get all that and even more from a single source – me!

The Personal Contact

Make sure to assign your wedding event stylist throughly. Look for someone you feel connected to. It is very important, you are on the same page and feel comfortable working and spending time together while planning.

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