Fall in love with my glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings this 2022. Filled with style secrets and locations to love, it’s the perfect guide to capturing wedding pictures - and memories - with total aplomb”


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For those couples looking to tie the knot drenched in the magical spirit that envelopes the island of Mykonos, Anna-Jill’s glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings brings you nine heavenly bridal looks and locations that, when paired together, create a series of enchanting memories you’ll forever covet.

The revered boutique wedding and event stylist (who comes equipped with a background in fashion design and an innate sense for timeless aesthetics) has acquired an unrivalled knowledge of the most romantic locations situated across this spellbinding island and, luckily for you, has chosen to share a few of her secrets in this glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings.

"Prepare, therefore, to embrace your inner style maven and get ready to access nine high-voltage, intoxicating bridal looks you’ll want to replicate in a heartbeat with Anna-Jill’s exclusive glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings, one to nine…."

#1 Single-out your Greek island location...

If the glittering allure of the Greek island of Mykonos has captured your heart prior to your wedding celebrations (you may have travelled to the captivating destination together before) not only will it hold enthralling landscapes and locations to tie the knot in, it will hold lashings of precious memories too.

Your wedding is therefore the perfect celebration to return to the beguiling island for. Exchange vows and get lost in the glittering glamour of this unique Cycladic Island and its endless array of luxury hotels, bustling beach clubs and breathtaking villas with vistas you’ll never forget. Let’s be real, no glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings is complete without a heart-stopping venue or place to stay.

Destination Wedding Planner in Mykonos

#2 Select your wedding venue...

Once your heart has settled on the island of Mykonos, your next decision lies with where to tie the knot. Location-wise, for some it might be the lure of the charismatic beach clubs that steals their heart. If so, a sunset wedding at Scorpios Mykonos, (one of the most beautiful beach clubs on this dreamy Greek island) might inspire.

For others, who desire something with a little more intimacy, it might be the surreal allure (and spectacular heights and vistas) of Panoptis Escape - a truly out-of-this-world experience created by the Myconian Collection.

The Panoptis Escape’s exclusive offering includes a selection of boutique villas with views across the Elia Beach - a perfectly magical setting and place for yourself and your guests to stay. Head over to more myconian insider tipps to celebrate your wedding here...

#3 Channel your inner style maven...

…and take your romance to higher levels with a stunning Boudoir shoot à la Kiss From Fleur in your villa’s private jacuzzi and create a series of stunning photographs to tantalise your groom with pre-honeymoon!

#4 Focus. Click. FLASH!

Get inspired by the high-fashion, sartorial magic of your favourite glossy magazines and - together with a talented fashion photographer - explore and discover the perfect photo locations for some high-fashion pre, during and post-wedding shots.

Think about capturing your images in front of everything from burgeoning floral backdrops, to jaw-dropping sunsets, the cool interior of a villa or amongst the hustle and bustle of the nearest town. The options are endless, and this concept is perfect for the couple who want their wedding album to be like something out of a high-fashion magazine.

Destination Wedding Planner in Mykonos

THE Insider Guide for chic Mykonos weddings

#5 Elevate your reception style...

Once you’ve secured your dream Mykonos wedding location, it’s time to consider the style and decor of your venue.

For Anna-Jill, her signature blend of chic and eco-conscious vibes present a truly dreamy - and timeless - end result, that many will covet for years to come.

Get inspired by the Greek island’s bohemian feel and stirring energy, and bring together an exquisite mix of glimmering metallic highlights, natural textures and an abundance of lavish blooms.

This is the time to go all out!

#6 Party all night long...

…and capture every luxurious red-carpet moment with a paparazzi-style shot! If there was ever a time to celebrate and dance barefoot under the glittering stars, celebrity-style, this is it. And, not only will you want to embrace every show-stopping moment, you’ll want to capture it too. Tantalise the taste buds for these red-carpet-inspired images by checking out Kiss From Fleur’s Heavenly Paraportiani Wedding Ceremony in Mykonos here.

#7 Pool-side glamour...

A trip to Mykonos - especially a trip which includes your wedding celebration - shouldn’t be without beautifully captured frames of you and your new fiancé luxuriating pool-side, vintage champagne in-hand, soaking up the bewitching glamour of this charismatic Cycladic island.

Embrace this luxe mood and capture the charming haze of happiness that comes with it with a few clicks of the camera.

#8 Intimate moments...

Don’t forget to document those golden, intimate moments between the two of you with a beautifully curated wedding-after shoot in an idyllic, untouched spot of Mykonos.

This charming Aegean island plays host to a multitude of unspoiled, truly heart-stirring, deserted locations where you can let your love take centre stage.

Allow the natural beauty of this glittering island to accompany the electric love that stirs between you.

bridal style guide for chic weddings in mykonos

The final, most crucial moment to capture, is of course, the moment of commitment. As you exchange vows and share hand-picked words of love and the pure emotion that rolls, like waves, through each of you, it’s a moment you’ll want to treasure and nostalgically look back on - visually - and in your memories, forever.

Whether you’re planning an intimate Mykonos elopement or more of a micro-ceremony, it’s even more important to treasure that moment when all of the planning, styling and lovingly thought-through decisions come together. Let there be no distractions. Just the raw moment - and energy - captured by a lens.

So, as Anna-Jill suggests via her carefully curated glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings, if you’re heading to Mykonos (the Cycladic island often referred to as “The Island of the Winds”) it’s time to let love reign and capture its flourishing wings with these nine inspiring style, photography and location ideas from revered planner, boutique stylist and wedding insider, Anna-Jill.

A curated glamorous bridal style guide for chic Mykonos weddings like this, doesn’t come around that often! Trust us!


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