Riding high on life under hazy Grecian skies, a beautiful couple dance, laugh and lounge in style at a bohemian wedding at Margi Farm.

A heady mix of flamboyant Sixties flares, decadent roses and feathered blooms swim amongst the organic vistas of their location. Goats meander while celestial details glitter and romance roams freely far and wide across the sun-drenched acres. Free-spirited and vibrant, this is an editorial you won’t want to miss laying eyes on.

Threaded with wedding stylist and planner, Anna-Jill of Kiss From Fleur’s signature flair and creativity, this bohemian, Sixties-inspired fairy tale of a shoot – that tells the story of a couple tying the knot at a bohemian wedding at Margi Farm – will in no doubt score multiple points not just with jet-setting lovers and globe trotters but free-spirited couples alike.

Infused with an achingly cool, relaxed vibe, not to mention inspiration from the mythical story of Amaltheia (a nurturing goddess) and Hellenic mythology, Kiss From Fleur and the curated mix of vendors behind this editorial have brought a truly magical fairy tale of a shoot to life for modern couples looking to tie the knot in Athens, Greece.

Situated on the breathtaking peninsula of Athens Riviera, this bohemian wedding at Margi Farm proves that this unique location is the perfect destination for laid-back couples looking to elope in style or tie the knot in a more intimate micro-wedding.

Scouted out specifically by wedding stylist and planner, Anna-Jill (a wedding industry professional celebrated for her innate sense of style and ability to source unique locations for editorials and couples looking to wed) Margi Farm is steeped in charming vistas and peppered with frolicking goats and farm animals: a truly idyllic setting for a wedding.

Recognised for producing local and seasonal produce, from cold pressed olive oil to delicious rose wine from the Mesogaia region, Margi Farm not only offers a heart-stirring, beautiful setting, but seasonal ingredients that honour the unique aspects of Greek cuisine.

Bohemian Wedding at Margi Farm in Greece

Curated by a talented group of wedding vendors, and led by the enchanting vision of Anna-Jill from Kiss From Fleur, this bohemian wedding at Margi Farm brings a new twist to the idea of a destination wedding in Greece. Ideal for city-based couples looking to escape to a more rural wedding location, this latest editorial from the stylist celebrates the beauty of Greece with a refreshingly modern edge.

Infused with a youthful, explosive spirit – that brings a relaxed, contemporary Sixties vibe to the table – couples will fall in love fast with the eclectic details proffered via this bohemian wedding at Margi Farm shoot.

Drenched in a fabulous blend of decadent, dark florals, scintillating animal print and gold details, this is bohemian style reinvented. The warmth of this editorial’s colour palette – flecked with fierce apricot, terracotta, romantic reds, lush deep greens and decadent black – all come together to reflect the location’s Mediterranean history and the stunning nature that surrounds it.

With a backdrop lounge at the heart of this bohemian wedding at Margi Farm shoot, the vendor’s have immediately hit upon a truly unique and laid-back vibe, punctuated with high-voltage glamour.

The Instagram-worthy oversized heart wreath beats wildly at the centre of it all, beckoning everything from fiery peach feathers to pink dried botanicals into the frame. Elsewhere the couple dine amongst striking blooms, charming tableware and decadent gold details – all under the warming rays of the summer sun – before lounging languidly amongst a plethora of soft pillows and luxurious cushions in a heady romance.

Dessert is a towering concoction created by Maria Kogia, a cake that is both traditional and contemporary in its aesthetic. Two tiers tall, it rises high in a creamy haze of intricate swirls and details, before finishing with a flourish of startlingly cool, glittering blue cherries – an unexpected but wonderfully artistic touch to this bohemian wedding at Margi Farm.

As the sun sets upon this bohemian wedding at Margi Farm, the elusive newly-weds revive childhood memories together as they take to bicycles adorned with frothy flowers and trailing vines, riding away across the baked earth, forever in each other’s hearts.

A bohemian wedding at Margi Farm: a modern fairy tale in the making.

“Give me fresh
flowers and an old Love”


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