Watercastle Anna van Neerhave, Germany


Planning, Concept and Styling

Kiss from Fleur

Cake Design

Kiss from Fleur


Cornelia Lietz

Hair and Make up

Natalie Arslan


Nice Plume


Naturae Design


Malfetti Glass

Bridal Dresses

Rime Arodaky


Lia & Janice

Celestial Allure

A celestial wedding design in Germany allures to marry in a watercastle by Düsseldorf.


Inspired by the mysticism and spirituality between heaven and earth a beguiling beauty invites us into her celestial world. Naturally and perfectly imperfect her eyes sparkle like little orbs, while her dress shimmers like a beautiful galaxy.


Floating fabrics elegantly emphasize dark plum and deep black. An arrangement of orchids as a recurring, earthly element next to black plates in this celestial wedding design in Germany. Moreover as symbol of fascinating mythology.


Following the plate´s constellation some hand-made stationery with artful calligraphy gets us in the right mood for this celestial wedding design. Like this delicate ring that seems like it was made of a thousand little stars.

Sparkling like this piece of jewelry are the two modern brides of our celestial wedding design. Appearing with glittering moons in their hair and shiny accents on black velvet pumps. Thus as plain and clean her dresses are, also excitingly glamorous in their beauty. Delicate, yet impossible to overlook they radiate this magic glow almost like the rising moon next to them.

The minimalistic brides brought the metallic moon backdrop down to earth to sway in its big silver crescent and dream of their big day. On which above all they will speak vows to their lovers like “You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars”. While they lay the world to their sweetheart´s feet.

However, this new runs like a metallic thread through used textures. Additionally, hand-made stationery and the angelic celestial cake to strive for perfection in the widths of the universe…


Kiss from Fleurs celestial wedding design in Germany was featured on over 20 international wedding blogs. Further, on wedding and fashion magazines as on Vogue UK, 100 layer cake, Martha Stewart weddings, the lane….

Send me a message if you want to marry inside this mesmerizing moon backdrop!